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Karen Swann

- Picture Book Author -


about me


I grew up in a tiny village with a real maze and I had a pet duck called Pickle who lived on a sandcastle and would meet me every day from school.

Me as a child - old photo.jpg
Pickle more brown.JPG
Hilton Maze.JPG


I once rescued a penguin and brought it home in the saddle bag of my bike. 

Only, it wasn't a penguin...

and I couldn't keep it.


I was always reading and always writing...

school report.JPG my school report shows!



When I am not writing, I like to climb up things (but I don't like to climb down!) and I love baking cookies.


I have taught greyhounds how to win races, swam with wobbegong sharks and been attacked by a cobra!


I've saved more than one person from drowning, (once in the sea) and helped lots of people learn to walk again.



I live in Nottingham in the UK with my husband, two children, an eccentric gecko and a crazy dog. They are all more grown up than I am.

cropped one shelf.JPG
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