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Karen Swann

- Picture Book Author -


craft activities

Eggbox Whale icon.png
Eggbox Jellyfish icon.png
Eggbox Turtle icon.png
Toilet Roll Octopus icon.png
Toilet Roll Whale icon.png
Eggbox and toilet roll icon.png
Rocking Whale icon.png

activity sheets

What can we do icon.png
Plastic Soup Sea icon.png
Whale Word Search icon.png
The Soup of the Ocean icon.png

creative writing and drawing activities

Ocean Treasure icon.png
The Whales Journey icon.png
The Song of the Whale icon.png
Colouring Sheet Two icon.png
Colouring Sheet Three icon.png

teaching resources

Teaching Resources The Tale of the Whale


The Tale of the Whale video Make your ow
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