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Karen Swann

- Picture Book Author -


The Tale of the Whale Book Front Cover.P


The Tale of the Whale can be purchased in the UK at any good local independent bookshop, or alternatively by clicking any of the links below.

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Also available internationally

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The Tale of the Whale Karen Swann Padmacandra Book Front Cover_edited.jpg

Australia (English)

The Tale of the Whale Welsh English dual language Karen Swann Padmacandra_edited.jpg

Welsh/English Dual Language

The Tale of the WHale Dutch Karen Swann Padmacandra_edited.jpg


The Tale of the Whale Slovenian Karen Swann Padmacandra_edited.jpg


The Tale of the Whale Turkish Karen Swann Padmacandra_edited.jpg


The Tale of the Whale USA Karen Swann Padmacandra_edited.jpg

American English

The Tale of the Whale Greek cover image_edited.jpg


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